CoC Lobby

CoC Lobby 1.0

Chain of Command Lobby lets you play and chat with your mates during your game (See all)

Once the Lobby program has been installed, and you have logged in, this is what you will see.
There are 4 sections to the lobby: 1 = Game Updates! 2 = The Game Rooms section! 3 = Players online! 4 = Chat area!
Up at the TOP is a MENU where additional features are. FILE has Save Chat and Exit to close the lobby.
Tools menu has Preferences (which you can use to customize the colors of the lobby or set the path to the creation.exe file if you have installed the game on a drive letter other then C) and Launch Teamspeak (most players using Teamspeak to talk)
Web Links menu has a number of Favorite places to go on the web site. They include the Profile page (where you can change your password or email address) and CoC Supporter. A popular feature amoung players.
The Player Guide menu has links for new and veteran players. Checkout the Game Rules or learn how to set the Chain!

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